Our Petit World of Arts and Crafts

We are a group of people who are passionate to revive and restore the beauty of Kelantan local arts and crafts. Through arts, we design sustainable living products for visitors to appreciate the local community around us.


For a Sustainable Living

Working with time-less designs such as Batik, Villa Danialla has produced a range of merchandises and home living products that include reusable face masks, aprons, tote bags, pure coconut oil and many more.


Crafting Arts with Love

Step into Villa Danialla’s temple of arts where we design and produce our merchandises. Our appreciation for colours and crafting blooms under this roof. Creation takes process and passion and this is where it starts at Villa Danialla Beach Resort. Join us for a fun workshop session today.

Sustainable living by Haflin

Of nature, culture
and arts

Blessed with natural surroundings of nearby villages, Datin Seri Haflin connects and engages with Kelantan village folks to be part of Villa Danialla Sustainable Living.